My Wild Life….. series

After listening to the SAQA webinar “Working in a Series”, I have made the decision to do just that!  The talk was very inspiring but more importantly made me think about the direction my art is moving… which was basically nowhere!  I am hopeful that working on this series will help me grow as an artist as well as elevating my artwork to a new level.  I plan to blog at the end of each week on my progress, my successes, my failures, and my Ah-Ha moments.  Since this past week was my decision to begin the series, I am going to share with you what has transpired since:

“Wild Life” is the name I have temporarily chosen.  It describes the subject matter but breaking it into two words gives the title a hint of mystery.  Here’s the parameters I am giving myself:  1) The series will be portraits of animals found in the wild, 2) 16×20 portrait orientation, 3) Commercial fabric, 4) Freehand threadwork, 5) No photo transfers, 6) Ink staining and paint allowed.

This first animal portrait is taken from a photo by Richard Spratley, a wildlife and nature photographer (Mountain Meadow Photography).  Richard graciously gave me permission to use this photo of a Grizzly Bear taken in Yellowstone for this first quilt.13474953_1291409994217391_3760312556841112880_o

Since I am working on a portrait series, I cropped the photo:Grizzly_20x16

This quilt was started by a simple line drawing over a 1-inch grid and it is developing from there.  I don’t think it will be finished for a few more weeks, but so far, here is my progress:


Grizzly Line Drawing
Grizzly Line Drawing





Dirty Rotten Chicken Thief!

Well, I never thought that anyone would steal one of MY quilts!  I have shipped quilts all over the place and entered many shows/events and never really worried about this happening.  When I ran my longarm business in Nebraska, I had insurance coverage against such an unspeakable act.  Then, I closed my business and moved to Texas seeking warmer temperatures.  I joined a local fiber arts organization and was excited to enter a piece in their annual exhibit.  I had to create a new piece because the rules were that it had to have been completed within the last two years.  I had nothing worthy of showing for the past two years, I am ashamed to say and I had no idea of what to create.  So I did what many of us do nowadays for inspiration… I googled lots of topics and came across a lovely blog called The Self Sufficient HomeAcre.  Lisa Lynn is the blogger and she has some great photos of things one needs to be self sufficient on an acre of property.  One of those things being a hen house and a rooster!  When I saw this picture, I knew that I had to make a pictorial quilt of a rooster and his hens.Del-and-DaisyMae

First things first… line drawing:
Chicken Line DrawingAfter I got started, I decided to take out the floating chicken head on the right and make it all about the rooster and his favorite girl-chicky.  Here is the result:

Del and DaisyMae_30.75Hx22.75W_full
Del and DaisyMae 31×23 inches

I got lots of great feedback on this quilt and people seemed to love it (which delighted me!).  At the end of the exhibit (January 2016 at the Plaza Club in San Antonio, TX) when I went to pick it up, I was given the news that it had been removed from the wall by an unknown person.  Whaaaat??  I did not know how to react or what to say.  The theft was reported to the police and a report done, I even have a case number, but no sightings of Del and DaisyMae have been reported.  I am just hoping that the person who took them has given them a nice home and that they look at them everyday and smile.  Maybe one day they will realize that they are indeed a dirty rotten chicken thief!

If you see this quilt, please contact me.