Rebecca Lilly Segura is a textile artist who creates small pictorial quilts depicting people or animals.  She draws inspiration from everyday life and the natural world around her using a variety of construction techniques including piecing, appliqué, collage, and thread painting.  Rebecca places great value on the quilts made by our fore-mothers who in many instances used small leftover dressmaking scraps.  These quilts were mostly utilitarian, but the intricate and colorful designs are as much creative as they are artistic.  While it is very important to remember and honor from where we came, it is also important that contemporary quilts speak about their own time and place to make their rightful mark in history. 

Currently, Rebecca is working on two series: Snapshots and Pet Portraits.  The Snapshots quilts depict moments that the average person probably has experienced at some point in their lifetime such as having a cup of coffee with a friend or napping on the sofa.  The Pet Portraits quilts are a series of ten pet portraits that have helped raise funds for the Wilson County No-Kill Animal Shelter. 

Rebecca’s art has won awards in local and international quilt shows including the International Quilt Association’s Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.  Her art has appeared in Quilting Arts Magazine, Nebraska Life Magazine, and Voices de la Luna, a literature and arts magazine.  Rebecca earned her art degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1986 and currently resides in Wilson County, TX with her husband of 45 years. You can contact Rebecca via email at

Rebecca is a member of Fiber Artists of San Antonio and the International Quilt Association.