Snapshot Quilts


So My Wild Life series is still ongoing, but has slowed.  I love doing animal portraits, but then, I love doing portraits of people too.  One of my issues with working in a series is that I get bored.  Does that mean that I have chosen the wrong subject matter?  I don’t think so, but in order to keep it fresh and exciting, I am working on a second series.  This one titled “Snapshots” explores portraiture, but done in a snapshot sort of way, capturing a moment in time.

These are stories that happen in mere moments and ones with which most can identify.


Walking Abby
Walking Abby


Helping Papa
Scene from an Ordinary Life

Hard Working Man

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  1. Your work is so exquisite. My Jake is now at the rainbow bridge waiting til I come. Makes my pic you made even more precious to me. Hope all is well with you. Tell your mom hi also

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