My Wild Life, Raccoon, Part 3

My hope is to post here every Friday the progress I am making on each wildlife portrait.  This little raccoon is beginning to take shape pretty good.

Raccoon with reflection

This week, I worked on the collage-piecing and spent all of today working on just the water.  This is extremely important as there is a reflection in the water of the nose and muzzle.  Without the reflection, this piece would not be as strong.  Thread painting will start soon, then it will get really exciting around here!

2 Replies to “My Wild Life, Raccoon, Part 3”

  1. I really like him. Do you enter in SAQA? Went to Des Moines yesterday and saw many lovely quilts. I always check for yours. One catagory was for unusual material and it was fascinating to see these quilts that were made out of old folk negatives, plastic grocery bags, leather, chicken wire, and various other objects. Totally amazing. The only sad thing is you couldn’t take pictures or touch them and they were begging to be touched.

    1. I am a member of SAQA and have entered a few juried exhibits but have not had a quilt accepted yet. I did get juried into a local exhibit here in San Antonio last year and will enter that exhibit again this year. Hope I get in again! The Nebraska SAQA region is very active so if you are interested in getting into the artsy side of quilt making, look up Peg Pennel.

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