My Wild Life, series (update on Grizzly Bear quilt)

Moving along on this lovely piece.  I have mixed emotions on the way this is progressing:

Grizzly progress
Grizzly progress

The face is really looking pretty good.  If you were following this post about constructing this quilt, you know that this is a very famous Grizzly Bear.  I did not know this when I chose this picture.  Richard Spratley generously gave me permission to turn his gorgeous photograph of this mama grizzly into an art quilt.  After I started the quilt, he told me that she is probably the most famous Grizzly on the planet!  She is known as 399.  Well!!  That means that this quilt cannot just look like the specimen of a grizzly bear, but should look like 399.  She is an old matriarch, 20+ years, producing many generations.  I truly hope that I can do her justice.  If not… well, I will make this quilt again!  This week, I will get her eyes painted in with thread.

This is a pic I took just before writing this post:

Grizzly progress
Grizzly progress

Her story is complicated as well as heart-wrenching.  Here are some links to articles about her:


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  1. Wow! I was just thinking of you today. I’ve been going thru my old quilt mags and sharing the ones I no longer want. I came across dec. 2009 and love the quilt you and Gerri did. But then I read the McQ&A. Where the mags quilt staff were asked to pick their favorite project in that issue. Sherri driver wrote “from the moment it arrived at our office, I’ve been in love with the Star Noel. I find the luscious prints and trad. Piecing and Rebecca Segura’s gorgeous quilting particularly appealing and is the icing on the cake.” Hey I know this girl. 😜

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